Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bike to Work Week 2008

The Art Bike Rally Day on May 10th.
10am-11am Kids, decorate your bikes at the Children's Museum
11am Art Bike Rally: starts at the 100 block of State Street

It's that time of year! Finally the spring shows itself and biking season is in full swing.
Congrats to you hardcore bikers who biked to work all winter long. In my opinion, that was quite a feat!

Bike to Work Week coming up fast...find a complete calendar of events at the Bike Fed website. Thanks to the Bike Federation for organizing this week of events and inspiring more people to ride bikes! Also, thanks to Budget Bicycle for sponsoring the Art Bike Rally. This event is always a memorable for the people who participate and those to see it. The rally is a great visual medium to get people thinking about riding their bikes!

If you've never participated before, make this year your first! It's easy! Just show up with your bike and ride around the square, twice!

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Hoping for sunshine!!